Supporting Haiti

October 2, 2023

EZ Transfer is working to support the people of Haiti. Our services provide a vital channel to support Haitians and their loved ones, especially during times of crisis. To learn more about these efforts see below.

EZ Transfer supports the Haitian Diaspora 2023/2024 Haiti Appeal. The Haitian Diaspora 2023/2024 Haiti Appeal supports displaced individuals in Haiti.

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Over the past two years, warring gangs in Port-au-Prince have visited terror upon the country’s vital port city with rape, torture and killing as they vie for territorial control. Tens of thousands of Haitians have fled their homes, gathering in makeshift encampments across the sprawling capital.

Conflict in the capital has meanwhile choked the rest of the nation’s supply lines, causing the price of food and energy to spike in other parts of the country.

(Source: Catilin Hu, CNN Gang Violence is tearing Haiti apart: what to know

Here’s what to know about Haiti:

·      Intense gang attacks prompted mass exodus 

·      Hundreds of thousands of Haitians are displaced

·      No place is safe schools, hospitals, churches, businesses are terrorized

·      An ‘alarming’ cycle of violence in Haiti that mirrors 1994 Rwanda genocide

·      Haiti lacks an elected president, legislature, judiciary and mayors following the July 2021 assassination of President Jovenel Moïse

·      US tells citizens to leave

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