At EZ Transfer, we transfer money from one party to another, from here to there at a fast, easy, safe by leveraging our mobile, and API-driven platform and collaborates with trusted networks to serve our consumers. EZ Transfer creates access to fulfilling your basic needs, creating economic opportunity, and living your dreams.


EZ Transfer is a financial services company whose primary objective is to help its clients in transferring money from one place to another be it national or international. EZ Transfer connects, links, and works with all major banks across the globe to facilitate the transfer of funds from one country to another. What separates EZ Transfer from other money transfer companies, is its ability to provide services to the hard-to-reach clients. We help people access money safe, fast, and easy.


From our earliest beginnings, we have put technology to work connecting people. As technology has advanced, so have we—but always with our focus on connecting people with the places and loved ones that matter most to them, in good times and bad.


The EZ TRANSFER FOUNDATION, empowers people through financial education and economic opportunities. EZ Transfer foundation embraces the adage “Knowledge is power”, thus, ETF empowers people by transferring knowledge. Hence, EFT provides financial literacy education grants to disadvantaged youth and migrants. In addition, ETF fosters job training, and education needed to succeed in today’s global economy. By investing in innovative nonprofit partners, the EFT supports migrants as they integrate into their host communities and connect to economic opportunity for changing lives for the better.

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