We aim at protecting our customers

EZ Transfer works diligently to prevent its systems from being used to perpetrate any unlawful activity. We are committed to protecting our customers and preventing the use of our products or services by anyone for money laundering, fraudulent purposes, scams, terrorist financing, OFAC, other watch list or sanctions violations, and other illicit behavior.

As a EZ Transfer agent or partner, it is crucial that you understand the impact of illegal transactions on you, customers, and EZ Transfer as a whole. Please use the resources on this site and that EZ Transfer provides to fulfill your responsibility to comply with the following requirements.

Become familiar with and adhere to:

Applicable city/ state / province / country laws and regulations.

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  1. EZ Transfer policies and procedures.
  2. Required actions for effective implementation of strict anti‐money laundering and anti‐fraud standards.

Protect all systems from illegal activities, such as:

  1. Stealing employee or customer data Manipulating computer systems with unauthorized software updates.
  2. Attempts to send “test” or other unauthorized transactions via the phone

Review important/required information:

  1. Compliance program.
  2. Anti-money laundering and customer-/agent-related fraud prevention information and training.

EZ Transfer agent compliance programs and policies

  1. To request a copy of our Global Partner Compliance Policy, send us an email at AMLonline@EZ Transfer.com.

If you suspect terrorist activity, please contact the U.S. Department of Treasury by calling 800-767-2825 or 703-905-3591 or sending an email to FRC@fincen.gov. For more information on terrorist financing and other illegal activities, please visit the U.S. Department of Treasury.